Some Interesting Things About Zululand

Zululand - KwaZulu-NatalZululand - KwaZulu-Natal
Zululand - KwaZulu-NatalZululand - KwaZulu-Natal

Some Interesting Things About Zululand

Zululand is an area in the northern inland part of KwaZulu Natal - dedicated to the Zulu culture and heritage.

Zululand Accommodation options enable a range of experiences. Situated in KwaZulu Natal, it is considered South Africa's birding hotspot, boasting at least 600 spotted species.

Rich in culture and history, your Zululand Accommodation will refer you to places where you can experience rituals, customs and learn about the Zulu beliefs. Whilst South Africa has a sold Zulu make-up, this is the only place to really experience the culture and teachings - with some demonstrations.

Zululand Accommodation comprises self-catering and guest houses.

Towns in Zululand include Eshowe, situated on a little hill with amazing views of the surrounding countrysides. It is also a historical place and full of culture. Your Eshowe Accommodation hosts will definitely refer you to the first aerial boardwalk in South Africa - certainly an unusual attraction and feature. Eshowe is considered to offer some of the best birding in South Africa.

Staying in Richards Bay is a fisherman's paradise and offers ample opportunities. Richards Bay Accommodation will likely be very close to the beaches.

Zululand is an area that enables substantial outdoor activity, including hiking and nature exploration.

You will also find the largest display of Zulu artwork in the world and have a chance to meet the creators of these designs.

Forests and birding are just other features. The rivers are between 1,100 and 1,300 metres above sea level.

Adventure tourism is fast becoming a major tourism trend and Zululand Accommodation options will enable you to achieve this goal.

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It is encouraged to visit Zululand to see some of the world's greatest adventure offerings.

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Zululand - KwaZulu-Natal